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eTools Office


eTools for Office Computer Workstations is a web-based process that allows users to assess their personal workstation in minutes and provides suggestions to resolve any issues that arise.  If you are still spending time and money personally analyzing computer workstations, look at a more efficient and cost-effective approach - eTools Office


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eTools Industrial


eTools Shop allow you to electronically capture ergonomics information, streamlining your ergonomics analysis process. eTools allow you to capture, retain, and build upon information from the initial survey to the evaluation; then on to implementation and follow-up to complete the problem solving process. It provides an electronic storehouse for job-related data including video, injury data and much more.


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Design for Ergo


DF Ergo is a design tool that gives engineers ergonomics data: How much force? What level of repetition? What size? What is the ergonomics risk associated with their decisions. It provides design parameters which specify force and motions. It's the design tool that engineers and ergonomists have been demanding.


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