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Have you found yourself knowing you need equipment or accessories but don’t know where to find them?  Have you wondered if what you found on a website, email or snail mail actually meets your application or holds up over time?  Are your files and web browser’s bookmarks filled with information about products in no particular order?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Auburn Engineers Solutions Catalog can to improve your efficiencies, spend your limited funds wisely and feel more confident about the equipment and accessories that you purchase. Not only can you learn from the experiences of others, but you now have the chance to influence others with their purchasing decisions.

As part of the eTools software suite of ergonomics evaluation tools, our community of users can view and populate a centralized Solutions Catalog or develop a private data set accessed only by the individual user when privacy is needed.  The value of the centralized catalog is in the sharing of opinions and customer satisfaction related to product application, usefulness, quality, durability, etc.  For example, Company A needs a lift table that rotates 360 degrees and tilts forward 45 degrees.  They purchase an item that meets their criteria but find that the seal on the hydraulic lift continues to malfunction even after several repairs.  Company A can then add a comment in the catalog explaining the problem so that others interested in the product can be aware of the problem.  Likewise, users can also add comments about the satisfaction, benefits and uses of the product when they are satisfied.  Another example is Company B that needs a device to pick up metal shavings but has no idea where to start.  By browsing the catalog they identify a magnetic vacuum that received positive remarks from another company with the same needs. And vendor information in the catalog provides Company B with all the information it needs to set up a trial use in no time! 

The catalog can be used as a clearinghouse for approved products.  For example, the ergonomics specialist can work with procurement to identify a list of acceptable hand tools or office accessories that meet design and cost criteria.  Equipment or accessories that have poor ergonomic design aspects, poor quality or exceed a target cost can be eliminated from the choices.  Consequently, all of the remaining items are considered acceptable and do not require additional authorization unless otherwise noted.  In this way, new product introduction (NPI)  is managed in a cost-effective way and efficient manner.  And because its on a database, it can easily be kept up to date as product choices and availability change.

 The Solutions Catalog is integrated into Auburn Engineers’ suite of eTools, however it can also be accessed directly.


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