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A recent study concluded that workers who did NOT return to work in the first three weeks were almost twice as likely to develop a chronic disability. These findings suggest that an employer offer of accommodations to facilitate working in the first few weeks after injury may play an important role in chronic disability prevention.

Supervisors create safe schedules in seconds.

The eTools Scheduler is a Worker Rotation Scheduling system has a variety of benefits for both the worker and management.  By reviewing job demands and ergonomics-related risk rating by body part, the protected rotation provides a way to rotate the workers through a series of jobs that are safe for the injured employee. Built off our proprietary eTools platform, and specifically using Body Parts Stress Index ( BPSI) scores, the eTools Scheduler provides:

·       An ergonomics-related risk rating for 15 body parts for all jobs.

·       An job rotation schedule that minimizes the body parts stress generated in seconds.

·       A quick and easy computerized method to match workers with medical restrictions (either temporary or permanent) to available jobs.

·       A tool for prioritizing jobs for engineering redesign to increase the pool of jobs for restricted, partially trained and fully able employees.


By implementing the eTools Scheduler and BPSI your organization will be able to:

·       Accelerate return-to-work and reduce or eliminate the use of non-value added modified jobs for restricted workers.

·       Design jobs that provide workers with recovery periods as they move through tasks.

This system eliminates guesswork and streamlines supervisor time otherwise spent on determining appropriate job rotation and return to work assignments.  The employee is more productive on the job and less likely to be reinjured.


eTools Scheduler revolutioanary approach allows easy and simple comminication between the treating physician, on-site medical staff and line management. Conventional work restrictions only use specific anatomical terms (pronation, supination, flexion, etc.) which management rarely understands, and also use terms such as “less” or “fewer” which are too subjective to be of value in determining work restrictions.  eTools Scheduler provides detailed information to bridge this communication gap.  Built collaboratively with occupational physicians it is a superior tool to lower insurance costs and expedite the return to work process.

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